Main Office and Lab
The main office and lab for Midwest Embryo Transfer are located in Osceola, Wisconsin. This site is our base where we take care of lab and sterilization/cleaning equipment, embryo storage, records and business management.

Mobile Lab
We also have a mobile lab and collection trailer, which allow us to operate primarily as an “on farm” collection service. We do not provide any donor or recipient housing. With these facilities we have the flexibility to work on multiple donors each day in various farm settings. All of our facilities are designed and maintained to meet the E.U. export inspection requirements. 
Our goal is to provide a working environment that will result in the best possible outcome for our clients..

IVF Satellite Facility
We at Midwest Embryo Transfer are excited to announce our new IVF donor collection satellite site in conjunction with Trans Ova Genetics from Sioux Center, Iowa. Donor collections are scheduled for every other week at our new satellite facility located at Damar Farms in Mondovi Wisconsin. We are excited to work with David Hehli and Damar Farms, long-time friends and clients.

Our scheduled 2016 collection dates are as follows:
• Wednesday, November 9
• Monday, November 21
• Wednesday, December 7
• Wednesday, December 21

As we develop this new client service, we realize you may have questions about both how it works and how to schedule your animals for collection. You may call Nancy Vitalis at Midwest Embryo Transfer SVC, 715-268-9900, Dr. Duxbury 715-377-2900 or Dr. Swenson 507-241-0544, or contact Trans Ova Genetics at 800-999-3586.